Elena Heiress was born in Sherman Oaks California, March 9th 1980. Enjoying California she often found herself at the beach having fun in the sun. After she left school she had an array of different jobs. From waitressing to bartending, but it was not until she was 27 when she started in the adult film world.  Shooting scenes for Plump Rumps 2 and No Man’s Land Latin Edition 9 in 2007, she has kept a very low key her background about herself. One of the few adult film stars that stays out of the limelight. This tattoo princess has only done slightly over 40 adult movies. She makes her home still in California, in the Vallejo area. She is currently working with the production and film company Red Light District.

Name: Elena Heiress
Breast Size: 36D
Height: 157 cm
Hair Color: Black
Ethnicity: American, Mexican, Colombian
Porn Movies: 41

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